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we at aviation assistance have a solution to guarantee your flexibility: loaner!

Operators often have the same problem:

Their spare part is no longer functional! What to do?

You could wait for a repair of your unit which leads to a longer downtime of your aircraft.
You could also buy an exchange unit, which means your unit will be sent back as a core. As a
consequence, thereof you will lose your serial number and possible flight data.

The loan of a single component provides customers with full traceability. In case of a loan request,
Aviation Assistance provides the customer with a component and expects the customer to return the
component to Aviation Assistance after use.


aviation assistance offers you independence.

You need immediately a critical spare part? But you have no time to wait for the repair of your unit?

With our demand-based stock system and the international network of suppliers and manufactures we assure the
delivery of your exchange part and guarantee worldwide availability of your system components or avionic systems
for Airbus and Boeing.

Avoid down time of your jet and maximize your flexibility.

In order that your exchange unit bears no risk we always supply you with high-quality components in fitting condition
with the right certificate all at a fair price.
With pleasure we take on your core management. If necessary, we can negotiate exceptions with our suppliers to
give you more time for the core return of your unit.


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