High, higher – and most safely with ANTI ICE®

Flying safely at high altitudes is no problem with ANTI ICE®

ANTI ICE®, our kerosene additive, conforms with the MIL-I-85470 specifications. Not only does it provide you with optimal protection against the cold, it also protects against icing up and build-up of bacteria. ANTI ICE® is added to the kerosene in liquid form when refuelling and, this way, it reduces the freezing point of the water in the fuel.

Why is it so important to use ANTI ICE®?

To ensure that you and your passengers arrive safely at various different destinations it is important to avoid any water freezing up in the fuel system.

When flying at high altitudes the outside temperature changes – and the fuel loses its ability to retain water. This precipitated water can then settle freely in the fuel pipes, filters or valves and block them. This can lead to a motor breaking down and endangering the crew and passengers of the aircraft.

With our ANTI ICE® product we offer you safety when flying.

ANTI ICE® is a liquid that works like an inhibitor against icing up as well as protecting the filters, valves and fuel pipes of your aircraft.

The design of our new bottles enables it to be safely added when refuelling, without any losses. The proportion of ANTI ICE® used should be no less than 0.10% and no more than 0.15 % by volume.  To avoid any icing up, the Kerosene and the ANTI ICE® should be adequately mixed together.